Africa dating and marriage advice age dating difference

17-Oct-2017 11:30

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I don't believe anything good can come from intentionally trying to destroy something else. No one dreams of meeting the man of their dreams and see them already married.

I have learned that the man of your dreams, really truly is not going to come married to someone else.

Lord knows my Gates Millennium Scholar ass was definitely too intelligent to be one of them.

Fast forward 10 years on the continent and girrrrllllll!!!!

Another one lived in Nigeria with his wife and I lived in Sierra Leone. But I would always say ain't no reason to be sorry this is the fact of our life.

Of the four; two are still married, two others are separated/divorced (had nothing to do with me. I was very honest to myself about the nature of our relationships; I considered them temporary situations of circumstance.

What no one tells you when you move back home with your degree and fabulousity in tow, is that married men don't all come as the big belly sugar daddy Nollywood Ogas.

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Then months go by and you're still fabulous sure but you're fabulously single. I mean we rarely saw or met our peers in the spots where we would hang out. The two full fledged relationships with my married boos had no restrictions. I said to myself if these relationships end of natural causes because these people don't want to be together okay but I will not be the cause nor the source.