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05-Jun-2017 13:03

I would advise anyone who values their culture and socioeconomic background not to come to Scripps College." (Scripps College, Claremont, CA) "I feel your identity should not be a major factor in [choosing a college].

It is not wrapped up in materialism and the 'gangster' image.The result is, whites pat us on the head for being 'model' and other minorities dislike us because they think we are 'model."' (University of California, Berkeley) "I attend Indiana University in Bloomington, where Benjamin Smith shot Won Joon Yoon last July 4th. I find the belated increased interest in Asians and multiculturalism by the white majority a bit insulting.It is surprising how many people assume that all Asian students know each other." (Indiana University, Bloomington, IN "I loved Barnard.Due to the fact that I do not have a clique of Asian friends, I find myself shunned by the Asian American community at times.

Sometimes the case is that other ethnicities aren't racist, the prejudice and bigotry comes from those who are of one's own racial group." (Brown University, Providence, RI) "Self-segregation among Asians is the largest factor leading to lack of integration into the main student body.

They fought for Asian American studies through petitions and hunger strikes.