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05-Nov-2017 17:41

It might be worth sitting down with him to talk about how he feels about having sex with another man.

He may not have done it before, so could be feeling apprehensive or even scared.

Dear TGUK, I’ve started seeing a guy who says he’s bisexual. I’ve not pressured him, and I tell him when he’s ready I’m here. Half the struggle in relationships is about being able to clearly express what you want in an open, thoughtful and non-judgmental manner. After four years he felt it was time for them to live together, but he didn’t push it.

Although we’ve spent time together and had a few dates, he doesn’t want to stay the night with me or it seems have sex although he tells me he’s not seeing anyone else – man or woman. Thanks, Tony You’re not very clear about what you want.

This is a guide which will help you find records relating to gay, lesbian, and bisexual history.

Researching this subject can be time consuming and difficult, as this area of study is still in its infancy and many sources are not immediately obvious.

Just don’t let it be something that you lose control over, and only accommodates his needs; he needs to accommodate yours, and two months is a great time to do so.

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Give it another month, if nothing changes, move on before feelings become too strong. I have lived by that ever since and it has indeed seen me right in so many things.If you come across a record description like this there will be an option to request a Freedom of Information review to see if the file can be opened.