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In assessing the complexity of the task, the Department has decided to publish these final Guidelines with regard to collection and testing urine specimens, establishing the requirements for the certification of IITFs, and establishing specific standards for collectors and MROs.

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Additional notices of Proposed Revisions to the Mandatory Guidelines addressing the use of point of collection testing (POCT), oral fluid testing, sweat patch testing, hair testing, and associated issues will be published at a later date. D., Division of Workplace Programs, CSAP, SAMHSA, 1 Choke Cherry Road, Room 2-1033, Rockville, Maryland 20857, (240) 276-2600 (phone), (240) 276-2610 (Fax), or e-mail at . These Proposed Revisions to Mandatory Guidelines described changing the Guidelines into a plain language format, expanding the Federal drug testing program to include use of alternative specimens including testing hair, oral fluid, and sweat patch specimens, allowing the use of ``point of collection testing'' (POCTs) for urine and oral fluid specimens, establishing the requirements for certifying ``instrumented initial test facilities'' (IITFs) to test specimens, and providing specific standards for collectors, POCT testers, and MROs.

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With regard to the use of alternative specimens including hair, oral fluid, and sweat patch specimens in Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs, significant issues have been raised by Federal agencies during the review process which require further examination, and may require additional study and analysis. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Background The Guidelines were first published in the Federal Register on April 11, 1988, (53 FR 11970), and have since been revised in the Federal Register on June 9, 1994, (59 FR 29908), on September 30, 1997, (62 FR 51118), on November 13, 1998 (63 FR 63483), and on April 13, 2004, (69 FR 19644). There was a 90-day public comment period during which 285 commenters submitted comments on the proposed changes to the Guidelines. Section 7301 note, required the Department to establish scientific and technical guidelines and amendments in accordance with Executive Order 12564, and to publish Mandatory Guidelines which establish comprehensive standards for all aspects of laboratory drug testing and procedures, including standards that require the use of the best available technology for ensuring the full reliability and accuracy of drug tests and strict procedures governing the chain of custody of specimens collected for drug testing.

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