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Then they came across an amazing discovery in a cavern.

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For each of them the clothing consisted of one Kevlar thread reinforced lightweight overalls, one thin wicking athletic bra, two thin ribbed athletic tee-shirts and two silk panties.They had previously joked they would have to call ahead once they got back to their starting point or found another exit so someone could bring them some more clothes or else the support staff were going to get more than an eyeful!As they had proceeded deeper underground it continued to grow warmer.Tales abounded throughout the German regiments of squads that had gone missing or been found mutilated.

Superstitions spread as many of the German regiments had conscripts of people native to the area.Upon first discovery the caverns were found to be linked by a mysterious features that were dubbed “worm holes” – smooth narrow circular passageways just large enough for a person.

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