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The conversations eventually became more serious and we began to get to know each other better, finding more in common than we could ever have anticipated.

But if you had asked me there and then if I fancied him, I would still probably have said 'no'.

Although at the time I thought nothing of it, there was something very small happening on another level.

I had begun to look at him slightly differently; it was an extremely delicate shift in my perception of him, but nonetheless that tiny shift would cause ripple effects.

Nothing exciting ever happened; lunch would be either at our desk or in the café down the road, and the drinks after work on a Friday were invariably at the Red Lion pub opposite.

Amongst my fellow colleagues there was a man who worked a few desks from mine named Carl.

Whilst he was away I would stare absentmindedly at his empty desk; going for drinks and lunch breaks seemed less important.

Even the upkeep of my appearance was temporarily put on hold, at least for work.

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The successful seducer has learned that the outcomes of his interactions are very much in his control, and without control he will rely on only the fickle game of chance.

One day, whilst standing by the office photocopier, me and Carl were having our usual uninteresting chit-chat.

But this time he said something that made me laugh; it was a little odd, very dry and hit my personal funny bone right on target.

In time I began to understand the causes and factors which create the requisite chemistry, how they work, why they work and, most of all, how they can be controlled, manipulated and used for your benefit.

Possessing this knowledge will ultimately free you from such ignorance forever; it will separate you from the defeatists who believe personal attraction is simply a form of magic and that there is no real control over it – and no way of creating it.

(Gambler always says I have a Clockwork Orange sense of humour, whatever that means!