Mormon views on dating

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There are apparently plans to stage the 14th marriage of another of Mitt Romney’s long-deceased great-great-grandfathers, Miles Romney — which seems even odder, given that this Lancastrian emigrant was actually an avowed monogamist, faithful to his one wife, Elizabeth.

Yet another of Mitt’s great-great-grandfathers, Carl Heinrich Wilcken, has been married 58 times.

LDS Church founder Joseph Smith provided it to the printer, EB Grandin, in Palmyra, New York, in 1830, and Grandin used it to set the type for the first edition of the Book of Mormon.

Mormons believe the Book of Mormon was translated by church founder Joseph Smith from 'reformed Egyptian' engravings on a set of golden plates unearthed in upstate New York with help from an angel of God named Moroni (Pictured, George Schweich, a grandson of early Church member David Whitmer, stands next to the printer’s manuscript)Mormons believe the Book of Mormon was translated by Smith from 'reformed Egyptian' engravings on a set of golden plates unearthed in Cumorah Hill in upstate New York with help from an angel of God named Moroni.'We hold the Book of Mormon to be a sacred text like the Bible,' Steven Snow, LDS Church historian and recorder stated on the LDS website.'The printer's manuscript is the earliest surviving copy of about 72 percent of the Book of Mormon text, as only about 28 percent of the earlier dictation copy survived decades of storage in a cornerstone in Nauvoo, Illinois.'1) Book of Mormon printer's manuscript; 1830Sold for: million Buyer: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in September 20172) The Codex Leicester - Leonardo da Vinci; 16th century Sold for: .8million Buyer: Bill Gates in November 19943) Magna Carta; 13th century Sold for: .3 million Buyer: David Rubenstien in December 20074) Northumberland Bestiary; 13th century Sold for: million Buyer: J Paul Getty Museum in June 20075) St Cuthbert Gospel of St John Sold for: .3million Buyer: British Library in 2012 The work is seen as a historical record of God's dealings with the ancient inhabitants of the Americas as well as an account of a post-resurrection appearance on the continents by Jesus Christ.

Even in his autobiography he manages to tell the story of his forefathers’ struggle to establish their faith in the face of brutal prejudice without saying plural marriage was the fundamental tenet that most repulsed 19th- century Americans.

The investigator who has taken it upon herself to expose the strange rituals practised by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to use the official name, is Helen Radkey, 69, a whistle-blower who researches Mormon genealogy.

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The sale price of ,300 is the equivalent of around ,730 today.Donors provided the funding for the purchase, which is highest ever paid for a manuscript.The printer's manuscript is a handwritten copy of the original manuscript.Whether these ‘marriages’ would be recognised by anyone outside the Mormon Church, which conducted them — and which counts Mitt Romney as one of its most prominent members — is a very different matter.

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Bizarrely, the great majority took place after Pratt was murdered in 1857.

According to Joseph Smith, the ‘prophet’ who founded Mormonism, after purportedly experiencing a divine revelation in 1820, polygamy was ordained by God; and for the first 60 years of the religion it was widely practised.