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I reach to you as if to hold your handbut I refrain myself fearing to disturbthe tranquility in which you seldom stand I behold your shape, gorgeous like a maid,my desire to touch I need to curb Yours is a delicate sculpture by men never made My feet are firm upon earthmy eyes can see beyond the sky In my arms as within my heartyou will find the place... -------------------------------------------------(C) 2006 - Ro. it's a voice I heard without a twang nor a pompous soundand Langston Hughesmy third eye heard I have no accent just amelon colony in me I'm not alone in a corner... Thank you always the very best I Love Theeby Eliza Acton, 1799-1859.

I still sit at his feetat YOUR feet I love youbless this homethose who have enteredand dare I dare not I just acceptwithout religionwithout standardsin love I remainthere’s no namefor a homejust a homein freedomin purity of lovewith a nameacceptance in spiritsunnamedacceptance in fellowa true friendtaught meno lines, nor halls or corridorsa home just is without doorsand I don't hold the keyyet his/her or if youso wish her/his warmthin a fire I still seekbewtiched I amsurrending to a fire called desirea superman still fliesa raven calls I fly In your spirits This is what I call shelter…In a home This and that…A song I heard long ago….welcome home I’ll not think twice Nor once Welcome my darling You will hear without an Accent For a voice can deceive…I will just offer a …Welcome home all And this an the next Happy New Yearfromjust me in dreamsbelieve or not I 'm walkingin your prayers A Dream, After Reading Dante's Episode Of Paolo And Francesca As Hermes once took to his feathers light, When lulled Argus, baffled, swooned and slept, So on a Delphic reed, my idle spright So played, so charmed, so conquered, so bereft The dragon-world of all its hundred eyes; And seeing it asleep, so fled away, Not to pure Ida with its snow-cold skies, Nor unto Tempe, where Jove grieved a day; But to that second circle of sad Hell, Where in the gust, the whirlwind, and the flaw Of rain and hail-stones, lovers need not tell Their sorrows. I love thee, as I love the calm Of sweet, star-lighted hours!

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i hear and feelyour lovely heartfrom this far awaythis morning i justwanted to let you know i'm here toosometimesfor me anywayit's best not to even try to saywhat's goin on insidebut i wanted youto know of youi'm thinkingdear sister afarthank youso muchfor all that you areand that youare becoming too For Soft Edge..."Sheltering your Soul"Silenty... I follow your trailspicking up your tearsbreathing your scent I almost can feelthe tender girlbeing carried in the arms of your heart I almost can hearthe beautiful womancrying to escapefrom that labyrinthic mind Pain can not stop youfrom admiring life in flowersfrom smiling at the colors they do Memories come to you to build or destroythe fragile happiness of your timid hours Is it that tear from pain or joy? (Poet Friend)dear poet friendone of such obviousand most delicate careyou are generous with your heartand words so dearyou are too kindyou are too dearyou sir are rareyes i do carrythat small weechild in meinnocent butbe not fooledfor years myselfas well some mennot yet evolved nor with integrity have taken a few bits of my meand i held my breathand allowed them tofolly and woe belongsonly to my own selffor having done somisplaced trustis fault i takeentirely minepast to be burnednow stand hereundeterred me yes ahead now i set my sights and goalsfinding my way on yet unfolding a journey although long and evenperhaps even treacherous at times with hope strong in this heart i can't be blindha one bold recently evenseriously dared tell me as he stared intomy brown unbelieving eyes he had no belief or use of hopei decided and took my leaveas best and quicklyas i could; but even fromhim i learned valuableinsights for it is bestfor me to look inwardespecially when hurtingto see the hows and whysof his and my own fashioningand participation came thisto now gratefully not be oh yes the mind is a mazeas it is amazing toopain stops me from nothingand least of all lovefor i am stronger than anypain i have ever enduredor shall ever in future incurmy soul belongs to betterand it resides within mei reach out now to you as wellin that special sort of loveonly those that dare can sharemy feet too on terra firmaeven if my desires flyand soar higher than thiswe know as atmosphereinto another realm abovebut also within each of usmy soul is both shelteredas it flies and singsthank you so very much dear i kiss you with fluttering soundsin the softest backgroundof your own both honestly tenderand yet also strongest of wingsyour shelter is sothankfully acceptedthank you thank youit's with grace and gratitudei smile inside n out knowing so very much like me you are asyou are so very you Buggerya allozzie humour I hopeu understand downundermy sisters and brothers I seek Twain or Keatswith a Browning inbetween? Anissa relocated to Kentucky for school, and ended up staying longer than originally planned for a different career path.Matthew took a leap of faith and moved to Kentucky for work where he knew nobody except his best friend who moved with him.Pale were the sweet lips I saw, Pale were the lips I kissed, and fair the form I floated with, about that melancholy storm. He arrives with an apology, And fresh croissants and coffee. I love thee, as I love the balm Of early jes'mine flow'rs.

John Keats Shelter was what it once wasdifferent from day to daysense of belonging was always hidingwith the seasons of changeand age I knew I had to travelthe long roadthe day came and the news was given I didn't belonghome was foundsynchronicitythe circle beganthe shelter had guided me homethe shelter was onlycover from the storm Bit of a subject divergence, but wanted to put it out there... Knows what I need And will succeed To make me believe That what he can perceive Will be. I love thee, as I love the last Rich smile of fading day, Which lingereth, like the look we cast, On rapture pass'd away.

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