Transsexuals in prison dating

19-Jun-2017 15:54

But some of them are drawn to us as well, male and female. There are daily strip searches, in front of others.

I wear baggy clothes to conceal my bumps and curves. While anyone can be sexually assaulted in detention, transgender inmates are exceptionally vulnerable to this form of violence.

In the cell, the dayroom, on the yard, at work and in the clinic, there’s no refuge.

The rapes, beatings, robbery, threats, and sadly the killings of us transsexuals continue. They look the other way and blame us for being trans.

One study of California prisoners found that 59 percent of transgender women housed in men’s prisons had been sexually abused while incarcerated, as compared to 4 percent of non-transgender inmates in men’s prisons.

Making matters worse, transgender inmates often face prejudice and discrimination in the aftermath of an assault. The guys and cops stare at me everywhere I go with curiosity, disgust and awe. Lovesick men, women-starved for decades, coo and give me gifts.

Katalina Ángel’s return to La Picota was, she said, a bittersweet experience.

As a transgender woman and former inmate in one of Colombia’s toughest male prisons, located on the southernmost outskirts of capital city Bogotá, the hostility and brutality that had been her life for three years stirred painful memories.

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