Vampire diaries s4e7 online dating

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Elena tells her that it's not that she does not love Stefan anymore, it's just her feelings for Damon have heightened since she turned and she couldn't lie to Stefan about it anymore. Elena mentions that he is the one who told Damon how to break the hunter's curse and Caroline adds that he is also helping Bonnie get her powers back.

They both think there is something fishy about him. Matt is Elena's date and Jeremy is April's escort - she is participating in the contest.

THE MISS MYSTIC FALLS PAGEANT — Caroline does her best to be there for Stefan and Elena in a tough time.

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Elena goes after Damon and tells him that they need to talk. Elena & Caroline are worried about Jeremy when Damon arrives. Damon asks her not worry and let it go while he goes to find Jeremy.

He tells her he knows about the break-up but does not know the reason. Before Damon has a chance to react they are interrupted by Prof. Damon calls Stefan to confirm if he took Jeremy to kill vampires & asks him to leave it alone.

Caroline is angry with Elena for listening to Damon and they have a fight. Shane & Hayley sharing a drink and asks Tyler to find out what is going on.

Klaus steps in and takes Caroline away for a drink. Jeremy arms himself with stakes and goes to look for Elena. Meanwhile, Elena follows Jeremy in to a room where they fight and he attacks her with a stake in the neck.

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Caroline is wondering what is wrong with Elena and Klaus says she'll figure it out. He meets April on the way & tells her that her father & the council were doing good for the town and that they died heroes. Shane to ask for another hunter's name again & threatens to kill him. tells him that even if they get the map & the cure, the cure has to be opened by a spell by a Bennett witch and Damon needs him alive to get Bonnie's powers back. She is rescued by Stefan & Matt who takes Jeremy away. They see Caroline & Klaus share another sweet moment.Caroline tries to convince him and Stefan tells her that Elena confessed to him about having feelings for Damon.

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