Who is spencer pratt dating

17-Nov-2017 03:11

caught up with proud new dad Spencer Pratt to get his thoughts on everything that went down. I honestly think this is the first time Alex has been curved so hard. That was the prosecutor and you're the defense and she just destroyed your whole case. Thrown out of court." "He thought she'd at least kinda play along. He was all 'I'll marry you.' If you're going to go that far, you'd better pull out a 0,000 engagement ring. If you're gonna do the marriage pitch with no ring, better keep it moving." "I hope young girls everywhere see this scene and remember it. It's about being yourself and not falling for a dude who's not good for you just because he's got a boat and thinks you should be together. She's a role model."] 'You like the Key and you're like smart and I want a smart kid and I need smarter genes for my kid because you know I'm not that smart.'""What about Madisson? Like, 'Yeah, I can't date you.' When he hit her with that on the beach? '" "Why can't we all just have a nice end of the party? That was your chance, bro." "Actually, I bet he did play her a song that he wrote. There's no way he's all excited to play Shawn Mendes. We haven't seen you anywhere — Don't @ me, Kelsey's mom — but we know you're a model. I'll never forget her sitting right next to Madisson being all 'Should I say hiiiii to heeeeer? I thought it was going to go right into him rapping and it was going to be a music video shoot and Alex was going to be filming it, so it kind of disappointed me when Chloe walked out and it wasn't the set of his redemption shoot." "I appreciated the effort he put into talking to Chloe."Only Siesta Key could have me leave my newborn baby," he said. And it was the perfect fucking song for the scene right after Alex. Usually pieces of shit don't even try, so props to him for owning that he's terrible.Like get into Pauly Paul's face and say 'You're a piece of shit wanna-be rapper coke addict, get your fucking life together, stop taking it out on my looks. Really show him how this rap game is played." "I know Chloe's got it in her.

slot on Monday nights," and Chloe finally had enough and ran out of Alex’s pool party when no one would defend her against the fat jokes Siesta Key’s answer to Macklemore was slinging her way. That shit from "Kelsey's run out of guys to film scenes with. She's not about to go on a date with Pauly Paul yet. He seems like he was reading from the notes app on his phone. I guess if you're always just reading engineering books and shit you're probably missing the latest trends." "My favorite moment of the whole season was how Madisson checked Alex. Didn't even say, like, 'You're so sweet, I don't know, I'm confused.' It was just BOOM! Nothing else is gonna make up for your personality. I know I've been a piece of shit this summer, but you make me want to be better.' You need some fucking Ne-Yo level lyrics here. 2008 Ne-Yo." "I'll never forget the rest of my life how Alex did Kelsey. Like, man, this girl fell in love with what she thought was Prince Charming and all of a sudden she realized it was that dude from that cut someone's dick off. It was some MTV 2017 'look, we're organic with our music on reality television' bullshit. He would have played something written by him for acoustic guitar chronicling their relationship from the day they met on the pier to them discussing race on the pier. ' She's been waiting for this site to drop like it's the September issue of ] of this show. From the first scene at the pool party, she’s been flagrant about her bitchy attitude. She's like a character fromin two years, then she has bad management and should fire Brandon.""I loved that shot of Pauly standing on the pier. And now you’re talking about vegetation like you're the mayor of The Key? 'I'll just leave this right here for my maids to get.' Commit if you're going to do it.